Wii console yellow light

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I purchased this Wii in when it came out. The only thing I have replaced is the hard drive a few years ago. All of a sudden it no longer displays on the TV and it only show a yellow light. I'm able to hold down the power button to change the light to red but that does not help. I replaced the video cable thinking maybe something was wrong with it. I disconnected all the cables and removed any controllers disconnected it from the out let.

Reconnected all the cables after 4 minutes and plugged it back into the wall out let. I had found a you tube video online to possibly fix this but know I can't find it. It was a simple hardware fix. I guess its something common.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. I have the tool to take this system apart and replace any parts I need to. The yellow light means the console is still on, but you need to hold the power button on the console so the light will turn red and will completely turn off. EDIT : And come to think of it, there's no hard drive in the Wii U either, because that's just an on-board flash module, which can't be replaced either.

Wii console yellow light

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Why does my Wii U have a yellow light?