Who wrote think like a man

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Shipping the cast of the original film to Las Vegas for a co-ed do-over of The Hangover , the movie spends a frantic 24 hours in the R-rated Fun Capital of the World with no effect but to exhaust itself and its viewers. Harvey, who also used to do standup, has a schedule that would make James Franco look like a slouch. He hosts three daily programs: a morning radio show, an afternoon TV talk show and Family Feud in the evening. Except for Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, he is probably the most successful current African-American performer-entrepreneur. And in his spare time he wrote the best-seller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man , a relationship manual with a light comic touch.

But it sold a couple million copies and generated an amiable movie comedy. Think Like a Man created characters based on the male and female types Harvey outlined, while serving as a welcome showcase for a dozen or so attractive actors, most of them of color, who too rarely got prominent film roles. Written by Keith Merryman and David A.

Ergo, Too , with the same cast and creative team. The gang has come to Vegas for the wedding of Candace Regina Hall , a foxy single mom, and Michael Terrence J , whose bossy mother Loretta Jenifer Lewis is determined to set the agenda and spoil the weekend. Each of the other couples has one big issue to resolve before the ceremony. Henson must sort out their career plans. That cues the last hour of aimless agitation.

In its stead we get a surfeit of nothing. Each couple pursues its dispute for the first act, gets separated in the second and apologizes and nuzzles in the third. Alas, a fight breaks out before any of the handsome gents can get down to his G string; someone must have remembered this is a PG film, which promptly poops on the promised party. To see acres more male flesh, watch the next season of Dancing With the Stars. If this was the best idea the filmmakers had for an encore, they should have settled for a non-core.

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Who wrote think like a man

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Act Like A Lady, Do Not Think Like A Man