Where is my outbox

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In an program, the outbox is a holding area — a place where messages go after you click Send and wait until the program can forward it to the mail server. Your computer is not connected to the internet. The SMTP configuration in your might be wrong. Your provider could be the one having problems.

For various reasons, hotels sometimes either capture or block SMTP traffic to prevent spammers from sending all of their spam from a hotel room. In that case, consider a repair install of that program if that option is available. You may have to reinstall the program or reconfigure the from scratch. Those are my recommendations. Subscribe to Confident Computing! NOW: name your own price!

You decide how much to pay -- and yes, that means you can get this report completely free if you so choose. Get your copy now! The biggest culprit has been an ITunes add-in. This is the usual tricky issue! Many times, we simply assume that MS or any other developer has done a bad job during such problems. I regret to inform you that I was one such type. After reading many articles of Leo, I stand corrected now.

Many of the problems seem to arise elsewhere due to faulty drivers, updates, add-ins, extensions, and unknown software installations in our systems. Almost the only reason I have seen for messages getting stuck in the outbox is either because the message is too large eg a user trying to send 60MB of uncompressed photos this happens more from home users than business users. Outlook has a default maximum size of 20MB which can be increased to 30MB.

Or, almost the same reason, your ISP has a maximum size that can be sent through them. They apparently are still using some very old software to run their and this has a limit of either 5MB ot 10MB according to who you talk to there. My problem is that the mail is received by the intended recipients and yet it is still in my outbox… Often I keep re-sending the thing trying to make it go only to receive a mail from the recipient to say that he has received it 4 or 5 times… but its still in my outbox… now what?????

Someone with some tech experience should be able to fix this for you quite easily. I have a similar problem but figured out a work-around. I often hit Send and then remember something to add. But, if I drag it from Outbox to Drafts, open it from there, and then Send, it will go. Took me a while to find that combo. Thanks Al, That was the problem I was having. Not all the time though and not large s either. I will use this when it happens and until someone can explain to me why?

Outlook issue as usual. I have Windows live mail and after writing several long messages I found they have not been sent. A caption appears to say they are still there. Hi Leo, I have the same issue with Outlook It only occurs when I try and send s from home. The error says that outlook cannot connect to your outgoing STMP e-mail server. Thank you. Only s to one of my contacts always get stuck in the Outbox.

I note that when I reply or forward or Cc or start a New to them that under OPTIONS the Delay Delivery is always checked for Do not deliver before the date I am replying not the date they sent the and will change from one day to next at , even if it is after If I uncheck this box it automatically regenerates a check. If I change the time it ignores it and does not send but will revert back to if I reopen the from the Outbox. I use Outlook , guess it is same as How can I uncheck the delay so s will send?

I have the same issue where my s get stuck in the outbox but only when i am replying to a that someone sent me. Its not just one person, its every . But, when i just go and create a new , it sends perfectly. Does anyone know why this is happeneing? My AOL always says my outgoing mail server is configured wrong. I have 17 unsent mails that are important to me to send. I have no idea what programme is being used this is a mobile phone and a text message on t mobile. I have an iPad through. Work which i have to send completions of work I have done, the was working until yesterday but now every I try sending goes to the outbox with an error sayin the message was rejected by the server.

Was wondering if anyone can help me thanks. Leo good clear advice. This is great! Thanks so much for the information that makes perfect sense to me. I was scanning and sending old family photos that were getting stuck in my outbox in my Microsoft Office Outlook I threatened to hunt them down and squash them like maggots if they called my again and reported everything to the attorney general in my state.

But they kept family pictures, grandchildren, etc. Of course, they got nothing from me, not even a response except on the phone. That was actually a year ago this time, end of Jan. But I do understand about a LARGE trying to be sent and put on hold in the outbox as that is what has been hanging up in there. So I will try your suggestions and not worry about it anymore as they would eventually get sent, I just never knew when.

Thanks so much for your advise and help. I know where to go for anymore problems I come across of this very slow Windows 7 program. I do have that problem with my yahoo . I have this problem with Yahoo too, but only on my iPad. You may need to check with your mobile provider for assistance. I got around it by moving it to my inbox on my laptop , then sending it from there on my phone. Very frustrating! Hi Leo. I use Outlook and my s get stuck in outlook all the time. This only started a couple weeks ago.

Thank you Jodi. Moving it to my inbox worked. There I just deleted it. I could not delete it while it was hanging in the outbox. All of these seem to refer to Outlook, is this true of G-mail and other sources of .

I have 21 in my out box that are stuck there?????

Where is my outbox

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