Synthesizer with weighted keys

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A keyboard synthesizer is a great tool for anyone creating their own musical sound. But with a bewildering variety of options available, it can be hard to pick the right one. See On Amazon. The compact de and 37 mini- keys will suit those with smaller spaces. You can speak into the mic, then use the keyboard to play the tune you want your voice to follow. Use them on your voice, or plug in a guitar or other instrument to give that the same treatment. There are 14 different waveforms to choose from including sine, square, triangle, sawtooth and pulse.

These are accompanied by 36 different wavetables and 20 digital waveforms. There are no fewer than different onboard voices. Oversized pitch and modulation wheels give you plenty of options for real time effects. There are three oscillators for each voice, 14 filter types, three LFOs and six envelope generators.

The range of options here could be overwhelming, but Novation has addressed this by including bespoke software in the package. The short answer is, very little. But set aside those niggles and this is a compact and excellent value keyboard synth, with bags of power. Check Current Price on Amazon. The de is semi-modular, so no patching is required.

But if you want to explore different creative options, you can. Advanced users can use patches to override the internal connections, allowing them to use each section as an independent module. The sound quality is beautifully rich, and the bass is outstanding.

Two analog oscillators feature the option to select the waveshape and hard sync. It comes with a volt power adapter. The yellow, green, blue and pink panels certainly stand out from the crowd. It uses an Analog Modeling Synthesis System to generate the sound.

Oscillator 1 offers an impressive 71 different waveforms. Select from traditional analog options like pulse, sine, saw and noise, or exciting new offerings like vox and cross. Oscillator 2 allows ring and sync modulation to be applied to create multiple complex timbres. The result is a synthesizer that can produce convincing replica sounds including bells, electric pianos, basses and guitars. There are four filter modes — two-pole low pass, high pass, bandpass and 4-pole low pass.

All of these include resonance. And there are extra ports to save your own sounds. Adding a virtual patch matrix will give you the power to control pulse width or filter cut-off with the Mod wheel. Or use an LFO to take control of the amp level or panning. The keyboard has 37 mini-keys and can be split to allow you to play different voices with each hand.

Each key is velocity-sensitive too. Choose from six different patterns — up, down, alt 1, alt 2, trigger and random. You can also adjust the resolution and length of the notes, and switch steps on and off. And this is another synth with a beautiful retro look. The keys perhaps feel a little light and plasticky. You will have to spend some time with the manual learning the codes. The keyboard is graded hammer standard, so it has the feel of an acoustic piano. The keys are heavier on the lower notes and lighter on the higher ones.

But while it may play like an acoustic, the technology here is all digital. The Motif sound engine offers the ability to control up to eight different elements in each voice. The pristine sound of a concert grand piano is also available.

The range and quality of patches and samples is genuinely impressive. There are four knobs for real-time pitch shifts, and a performance mode featuring an arpeggiator and drum tracks. The connectivity opens up a world of plug-ins and software. Note that you will need to purchase your own USB cable. Even at this price, however, there are some compromises to be made. The result is a crossover keyboard that offers the smooth warmth of analog together with the versatility of digital. Choose from saw, square and triangle waveforms, with pulse-width modulation. The digital synth section includes an impressive range of tones.

Choose from strings, sound effects, drum p and electric piano. The drum kits can be adjusted to your preference too, with the ability to change the filter, pitch, pan and envelope. The selection gives you everything you need to create rich loops for any style of music. There are modes for step recording and recording in real time too. Last but not least, there are four effects sections which can be used to enhance your sound. These include dedicated reverb and delay sections, plus processing options including Bit Crusher, Ring Mod and Slicer.

Each of the effects can be turned on and off independently for each of the three synth sections and drums. The result is a huge range of creative combinations. There are, however, some limitations — and these are particularly worth being aware of if you want to play live.

This is another model with mini-keys, and there are 37 of them. There are plenty of vintage sounds to choose from here. Reed electric piano from the late s? Struck string clavinet from the 70s? Toy piano? Electric grand? Check and check again. And there are lo of effects for all of them. Reverb, chorus, drive and tremolo offer a host of creative musical pairings. The bass reflex port generates a full, rich bass sound, and the 2-watt stereo speakers let you play anywhere. That means you can connect up tablets and mobile devices and listen to them through the speakers.

If you want to switch off the internal speakers to use a MIDI output instead, the process is — quirky. But if you want a keyboard synth that can effectively replicate a host of vintage sounds, this is a great choice. The System-1 is the most compact synth ever made by Roland. You can use MIDI clock data to sync with other devices too. This analyses and recreates every element of classic analog circuits. The result is a synth that offers both vintage and modern tones.

And there are four oscillators, allowing you to change waveforms continuously from simple to complex. The System 1 will host plug-in versions of classic Roland synths, without the need for a computer. The SH soft synth is available already. Others will follow, providing ever wider options. That adds a ificant chunk to the overall price, costing almost a quarter of the price of the synth itself.

The text and diagrams are in very small print too. A downloadable tutorial on the basics of synth al flow would make life considerably easier for beginners. All in all, however this is a well-built and innovative synth at a great price. Still not sure which is the best keyboard synthesizer to meet your needs? Here are some questions to consider before you make your final choice. So start by thinking about what you need from it. And look for a keyboard with graded hammer action that will mimic the heavier weight of the lower notes. Note that many shorter keyboards will also have miniature keys.

Take some time to consider what you need before you choose. Do you want to be able to generate arpeggios from a single note? Do you need a built-in sequencer? Do you want to create robotic voice effects with a vocorder and microphone?

Synthesizer with weighted keys

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