Stroovy for android

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We're seeing the rise of a new breed of review apps: apps with the purpose of letting users review individual people. Stroovy's approach appears to be the most respectable. Only allowing reviews of people currently "putting themselves out there. See full article at Review Weekly. See all posts on Lulu See all posts on Stroovy. Summarized by the Courtland Brooks team. Jun 21, Permalink Comments 0. Then they are planning on introducing premium features. See all posts on Stroovy. Jun 14, Permalink Comments 0. It was then converted to just a regular dating app powered by Badoo, but look at onlulu.

We noticed this countdown on Friday. When the time is up, nothing happens and the count down starts again. So this might be the end of Lulu. We can't find Lulu in the app store search either. Bye bye Lulu. The folks at Peeple and Stroovy will be pleased. Full Disclosure: Stroovy is a former client of Courtland Brooks. See all posts on Lulu See all posts on Badoo.

Post by Mark Brooks Courtland Brooks. Jun 06, Permalink Comments 0. He calls it, "Yelp for online daters. This app, which launched in late March, can also act like a "wingman" or "wingwoman. May 17, Permalink Comments 2. The idea is similar to Lulu.

But, unlike Lulu's reviews, Stroovy takes reviews from users of all genders. The app also requires users up with their phone s to prevent people from making duplicate s. Stroovy is iOS only for now but an Android app is in the works. May 07, Permalink Comments 0. COM - Mar 26 - Stroovy is not a dating app. It is a third-party review app to help online daters make more informed choices. Stroovy users will be able to write reviews about people that they have dated, read reviews about potential dates, communicate with other Stroovy users, use facial recognition functionality to link a dater's profiles together if they are on multiple dating sites, comment on reviews and compare dates' profiles to what others have said about them.

See full article at PR. Mar 28, Permalink Comments 0. Online Personals Watch: News on the Online Dating Industry and Business no , no fluff, just raw news summaries, official rankings and ceo interviews. Peeple - The first "Yelp for humans" app. Users have privacy concerns. There are reviews about people without their consent. Stroovy - Stroovy requires the person being reviewed to have an active dating profile visible to the public. Stroovy requires users to submit a full review on someone before that user is allowed to search reviews of anyone else.

Lulu - Once a platform for women to review men on dating sites, Lulu is now a retooled Tinder clone. This people-reviewing app was recently sold to Badoo Stroovy's approach appears to be the most respectable. Subscribe to www. IDEA. Research Dig Deeper - Research . We're Social.

Stroovy for android

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There’s another app for rating people — if they’re using dating sites