Snooker table thailand

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Get In Touch. If you want to try one of the tables before you buy then we have all the different styles available to play on in The Sportsman Bar, Bangkok — this will give you a chance to really understand how well the tables play. We are also actively involved in the Rhino brand development and have been since it was launched in — many of the features of the Rhino Pool tables were developed after long sessions on the tables in The Sportsman, some of the best players in Asia contributed advice and feedback to what has now become one of the best know pool table brands in the region.

Thailand Cue Sports is also the official distributor of Raid Pool Cues, Mit Pool Cues and several other leading pool cue brands with new ranges being added all the time. Our ature, and best selling, range of cues are Raid Low Deflection Pool Cues by Falcon Cues, as with everything we sell they offer outstandingly good playability vs price — nothing else on the market in Thailand gets close to them in terms of value for money.

As well as our hugely popular Rhino cloth we always sole agents for ANDY cloth — the best playing cloth in the World. Taiwanese owned and manufactured in a state of the art facility just outside Shanghai in China, ANDY pool cloth has overtaken the European cloth makers in playability, durability and price.

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Snooker table thailand

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