Real pine oil cleaner

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Your house will smell forest-fresh when you are finished cleaning with this all-purpose pine oil cleaner. It disinfects, deodorizes and sanitizes. This site tracks visits anonymously using cookies. Close this dialog to confirm you are happy with that, or learn more in our privacy policy. Search Search. Old-Fashioned Pine Cleaner 16 oz Old-Fashioned Pine Cleaner 16 oz. SKU: Backordered - Orders Will Be Delayed. Log in to add to your wishlist! Otherwise, bottles may freeze and break during shipment. We'll hold your order, and ship it out to you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please call us at Video 1. Old-Fashioned Pine Cleaner 16 oz Your house will smell forest-fresh when you are finished cleaning with this all-purpose pine oil cleaner. Hand-Picked Products. John Duck Disappointed Jun 23, Weak pine scent, appears watered down; used 8 oz.

Found that liquid dish soap and water will clean more effectively at less cost. Lehman's says: We're sorry to hear you are unhappy with your purchase. Please give us a call so we can make it right! Steve Sonnier Disappointed Jul 7, We were very disappointed in this product. Water and Dawn dish washing liquid would do a better job. Very little cleaning power and very little scent. We were expecting a product like the original Pine Oil, but that was not the case here.

Lehman's says: We're so sorry for your experience. Please give us a call, so we can make it right: Rayford Hickman not the real deal Apr 12, Watered down, just paid for 16oz of water with a hint of pine. Lehman's says: We're so sorry this didn't live up to your expectations.

Myra Silver Mrs May 13, I have been using this pine oil for many years, ever since I saw it recommended in a government pamphlet for use when one doesn't use bleach and has to use a public washing machine. I recently started my daughter using the product. The pine oils sold in supermarkets are mainly water. This one is the real thing! Comparison shoppers: please note that the posted item is a pint 16 oz.

Similar pine oil products offered in bottles smaller than gallon containers in stores or on-line are quite rare, though. Melanie Heard Jun 23, I was hoping that the cleaner would smell great in the bottle, and I thought it would leave a natural light scent to the room after cleaning, but it doesn't.

It calls to use a cap full per gallon of water, but I used a cap full in 12oz of water and still no scent. Oh well. Still a nice natural cleaner. Crystal Christopher Aug 17, I use this in every room of the house. The scent is wonderful, clean but not overpowering. One bottle lasts a long time. I love it! Mara Sep 22, I've used this before, but the store where I once bought it closed several years ago. I'm delighted to find it here, and only a dollar more than I remember paying for it.

Another reviewer mentioned that it's thin, or watery, which it is, but it really is concentrated. A capful or two of it in a bucket of water cleans a kitchen floor, and then some. The fragrance isn't as strong as Pine Sol, also true. I find cheaper cleaning products like Pine Sol, Mr.

Clean and so on to be overpowering to the point of making me cough and making my eyes water, even with the windows open for ventilation. That can't be healthy. The subtle pine scent of this stuff is , to me, part of what makes it so nice to use.

Jan Jan 18, I was very disappointed. The scent is so weak I have to practically stick my nose in the bottle, and it's as thin as water. I can't believe it's concentrated. I'm going back to PineSol. One bottle lasts for ages and ages, very economical. Great fresh pine smell. Practically the only cleaner I use. Agree and Close. Enter . Connect Online.

Real pine oil cleaner

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Old-Fashioned Pine Cleaner 16 oz