Prostitution in hong kong and macau

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Along with gambling, sex is big business in Macau. This story will explore how the sex trade works, and how it survives in a legal grey area bequeathed to Macau by its former Portuguese colonial rulers. Miss Lin comes from Mainland China. She spends her days in her room, sleeping, listening to music, or cooking for herself.

But when darkness falls, she puts on make-up, a tight skirt, and high-heeled shoes, and strolls through in a luxury shopping mall looking for men who will pay her for sex. After a short while, a man looks at her to show his interest, and follows her to a corner.

After a brief chat, she le him to her room. Miss Lin is a young single mother with a 4-year-old child. After a friend who works as a sex worker gave her an introduction, she moved to Macau and became a prostitute. There are many prostitutes like her in Macau.

In general, they charge from 12 to US dollars a time, although sometimes the fee is less than 12 dollars. To avoid embarrassment, they have to tell their family members that they are working as waitresses or hotel cleaners, concealing the real occupation. Some also offer free blood tests to prevent or treat sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to economic and psychological pressures, these women also face danger such as the threat of violence, during their work. Ian Hon Lane. Photo by Danika Liu Dan. As a result, Amy is free at night to make some extra money selling sex. But she has had some terrifying experiences. On one occasion, she was subjected to sexual abuse by an African client.

When she called the police, the official first arrested her because her visa card had expired. Instead of dealing with sexual violence, Amy was deported. The dangers faced by sex workers are common. That is why police cannot arrest women wearing flashy dresses and looking for customers in hotel lobbies. Another factor making it difficult is that police are not allowed to search private places where prostitutes work unless they already have evidence.

Sex workers were arrested by the police. Photo from Macau Daily. According to Prof. Luo, the Macau authorities handle legal and illegal workers differently. Since there is no way for a woman to apply for a legal visa as a sex worker, foreign prostitutes are considered as illegal immigrants and have little protection from the government or the law.

In Macau, the sex business is intimately related to the gambling industry. Instead, sex workers attract casual visitors to the casinos rather than hardcore gamblers. They are curious about many things, and that includes the sex trade. Since the Macau government has no clear legislation on the sex business, casino operators are helpless.

Gamblers and sex workers outside the casino. Photo by Hazel Wan Zhenxia. But large-scale moves against the sex industry in casinos will certainly affect the gambling industry, since the revenue of the casinos depends on how long gamblers stay. If they are attracted to the sex business outside the casino, there is no benefit for the gambling industry. And the so-called benefits that produced by sex business have nothing to do with the casinos. However, the sex business has nothing to contribute. Fong Ka Chio said. In some countries, the sex business is legal, with officially approved red-light districts in places like the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

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Prostitution in hong kong and macau

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