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Like many people during the coronavirus pandemic, year-old Emilka has had to get used to working from home: fitting her job around studying psychology, creating the right kind of working environment and trying to stay motivated. But Emilka is a sex worker. In Poland, this means that her job is not recognised as work by the government. However, they are also not formally recognised as workers either. The unregulated nature of the industry meant that working conditions were often difficult even before the pandemic.

Emilka has worked in strip clubs for around five years, including in Romania and Spain as well as Poland, doing shifts of up to 13 hours. Wages were also unpredictable. During the pandemic, her earnings fell to an average of just to zloty a week. You are in constant stress. Strip clubs were forced to close around March , along with other non-essential businesses during the first lockdown brought in to curb the spread of the virus.

But the applications were unsuccessful. In June, the strip clubs briefly reopened. According to Emilka, the conditions in the club had deteriorated. Her bosses also required her to work more days than usual in an attempt to earn more money ahead of the next closure. Without state support, Emilka had to find a way to support herself. She began working on webcams, initially with a friend. They were able to share advice and exchange ideas. Anna, a year-old escort and adult content maker, set up a Facebook group for sex workers — the only one in Poland. But Emilka, like many working from home during the pandemic, found that it was difficult to motivate herself.

This suited her, she says, although admits that it is not for everyone. She started off offering hour-long appointments and renting an apartment through Airbnb. Emilka said she does not mind working alone and feels lucky to have her own apartment. However, if she wanted to work there with another sex worker for safety, she would be breaking the law. Emilka was not the only sex worker who reskilled during the pandemic.

Anna says she had an influx of men and women seeking advice on how to work on online webcam sites — where live adult content performances are streamed live on the internet. Anna herself had branched out into escort work shortly before the pandemic struck in early , due to the social isolation that came with working as a camgirl. Though she notes that some women stopped working, fearful of the new virus, for her this was not an option.

According to Anna, there was not much concern among her clients about catching the virus. Only once did a man ask if both he and Anna could wear facemasks while having sex. The pandemic also prompted Anna to diversify her income stream. She recently set up profiles on online adult content subscription services such as OnlyFans. Like Emilka, though, she has faced challenges, finding working as an escort tiring and sometimes struggling with her mental health.

This has been compounded by the deteriorating economic situation, caused by months of lockdown restrictions on businesses. A lot of people are in a crisis situation. So the of clients is radically declining. A total of sex workers have received funding from the organisation. In addition to financial support, the collective has also provided its members with psychological and legal support, as well as offering outreach telephone calls to sex workers who were quarantined alone.

In , it made morning-after pills available only on prescription, meaning Poland was one of only two countries in the EU with such tight restricted access. Access to emergency contraception was already difficult, she explains. Certainly it is a topic few officials are interested in discussing.

Poland has the worst access to contraception in Europe, according to the latest ContraceptionAtlas compiled by experts for ContraceptInfo. It is these conservative attitudes towards sex work in Poland, rather than the pandemic itself, that are prompting Emilka to consider working in Germany or Switzerland — where sex work is legalised within deated areas.

I dream about getting paid regularly and I want better sexual education, I really want it for everyone. Kate Martyr is a German-based British freelance journalist contributing mainly to Deutsche Welle, covering social issues and breaking news.

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Poland sex life

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