Notary spanish translation

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Civil-law notary terms can be tricky to translate into English. This is because the notary systems in civil- and common-law countries differ. Civil-law notaries have a more wide-ranging role than their common-law counterparts. How do you translate non-equivalent terms?

The main thing is to get the meaning across to the reader. The key to getting meaning across is understanding the term yourself. So background knowledge is needed to translate non-equivalent terms, which is why this post provides a bit of explanation as well as suggested translations.

And the translations are only suggestions, starting points, if you like. How you translate non-equivalent terms often depends on the context. So you may need to tweak the suggestions from one context to another. Again, the only way can do this is by arming yourself with enough background knowledge.

The references for the dictionaries and other sources used are at the bottom of the . An acto notarial is any kind of notarial act, i. There are three types of actos notariales. See this post for more about public and private form. Both these suggestions come from West p. However, when you need to translate the names of the different types of documents, you may be able to use standard English equivalents, e.

On other occasions, you might want to be more descriptive. Particularly if, for example, the term is just part of the identification details in the introductory clause of a contract. However, on certain occasions you might want to highlight that a document is being executed in public form. Especially where similar documents are not in public form in common-law systems. Not to be confused with acto notarial , actas notariales are certificates issued by notaries. Again, this is roughly what the legislation says:.

Jowers defines and gives some examples of actas notariales and their translations in this post on her blog:. Intervenida is short for intervenida por notario and means that a notary public is involved or intervenes. This includes certain types of loans, leases, bank guarantees, insurance policies and other banking documents, but excludes, notably, anything to do with real property. All notarial acts are public instruments but not all public instruments are notarial acts.

West p. Notarising may refer to any type of certifying by a notary, including in private form where no official registration is made. As stated above, most Spanish notarial instruments are in public form. See this post. Rob Lunn is a freelance legal translator based in Spain. He translates from Spanish and Catalan into English. They are different things. See this post and the slides from a talk I did here. I need to expand on this post based on the research I did for this talk, which slightly changes some of the translations I give here. The skin the cat adage definitely holds true when it comes to the non-equivalent world on notary terms!

However, documents executed as notarial instruments are not public in the sense that anyone can access them. Anyone can usually get an extract of these entries. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Acto notarial An acto notarial is any kind of notarial act, i.

Types of actos notariales 1. Acta notarial Not to be confused with acto notarial , actas notariales are certificates issued by notaries. Thomas L. Related posts: Translating notary terms 2: What are public-form and private-form notarial acts? Translating notary terms 3: How to translate the names of Spanish public-form notarial acts into English Translating notary terms 1: What do notaries do? Congrats on the conciseness of the slides from your talk, Rob. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Notary spanish translation

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"notary public" translation into Spanish