Looking for a black woman with a high sex drive

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The researchers analyzed data from nearly 1, U. A diminishing sex life is a serious issue, the researchers said, noting three-quarters of study participants said sex was moderately to extremely important to them. JoAnn Pinkerton. The women in the study had either undergone natural menopause or had a hysterectomy -- removal of the uterus.

No declines in sexual function occurred in the women until 20 months before their final menstrual period, the study found. From that point until one year after the final period, overall sexual function scores fell 0. Sexual activity continued to decline for more than a year afterward, but at a slower rate. Compared to white women, black women had a smaller decline in sexual function. The decline was twice as high in Japanese-American women than white women, the researchers found. Also, women who had a hysterectomy before the end of menstruation did not have a decline in sexual function before their surgery -- but they did have a decline afterward.

Although menopause is often accompanied by problems such as vaginal dryness, depression and anxiety, these issues did not explain the impact menopause or surgery had on sexual function, the researchers said. Medications exist that can help some women dealing with menopause-related issues, Pinkerton said. Please enter address to continue. Please enter valid address to continue.

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Looking for a black woman with a high sex drive

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