Lonely cold are you in the same boat

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I have ed Gingerbread tonight in the hope I may find some like minded souls to help me escape this dark place I feel I keep slipping towards…. I have been a single mum now for exactly 3 years this month, and I think only now is it dawning on me the enormity of what this involves. I have two lovely children, aged 6 and 3. Their dad lives miles away and has very little involvement in their life. We are divorced but still sorting finances. My parents are local and I have a good circle of friends. I take regular exercise and keep busy constantly with the home and kids….

Wanting to scream out that this is not how our life should have been. I want to stop feeling like this and I just hoped that someone might read this who can empathise and maybe help me not feel so alone in this. Thanks x. You are not alone…. I have been a single mum for 6 years and it does get better, the feeling I mean.

I sometimes put some comedy show on and have it as background noise that helps and I feel entertained. I left England to go where she came from,gave up everything here just to keep her happy and have a happy life. Now I am on the cliff,about to come back to England with 2 grand in my pocket without any prospects.

No place to go,no income,and nobody to turn to. So I am just saying that it can be a nightmare. I am crying every single day. I use to be a very strong hard working positive man. Now I broken and being afraid. I tr my best not to show any of this to my Son,but every time I look at him,tears are filling my eyes……………….. Feelings of loneliness are the most common among all of us single parents. I scrolled through my contacts on WhatsApp and could see that literally everyone I knew was having a good old time and there I was, alone, lost, confused and wondering how my life ended up like this….

My children are 13 years apart and both have different fathers. I get upset that both the fathers have moved on with their lives and managed to meet new people. And here I am still feeling the heartache and turmoil of being left to face the music alone. Nobody has it all together and nobody is without suffering or loneliness. I have met people who look at my kids and the love we share in this house, and they are shocked when I tell them I feel alone or sad at times.

When you are the mum, dad, cook, cleaner, teacher, nurse, councillor. The joy and pride you will feel as your children grow into the amazing people you raise them to be, the successes they achieve because of all your hard work, the endless amounts of love and gratitude you receive over the years. You are their rock and you teach them how to be strong, with or without anyone beside you. Now instead of feeling sad and lonely I try and imagine and think of all the lovely things and the lovely partner that will fill this empty space I have now.

We just have to keep going so we can get to the end of the road and turn that corner! You will do it x. Thank you all for taking the time out to respond to my post. Just to know the feelings that I am feeling are normal. That I am not alone in this. Nobody chooses to be in this situation, but here we are in it and I guess we have to make the best of it.

And it is so true that being in this situation brings out the best version of yourself. Too tired even to notice being lonely. I have 2 toddler pre schoolers. I just tell myself there are alot of awful situations people find themselves in on this planet so I must just be great full for my beautiful children.

I expect once kids get older u can have more of a life and be less lonely. I hope! U are lonely but not alone xx. Moved to Suffolk 2 years ago in the hope of breaking isolation, if that could even make sense? Was hoping for a better quality of life for us.

We are in a beautiful part of the world however people are pretty unsiciable to a point of rudness. The school runs is awful. I feel the only way we can fight our loneliness and become happy parents is to find each other and have some laughs…How do we do this? It is only a few weeks left and we are on the way back to England. I am not finding the thoughts and words how to explain my son that that his mother is not with us and why.

I made a plan how to approach things when we back. Go to the Citizens Advice Bureau first and than given by what they say carry on with the steps they tell me what to do but I still full with questions and fears. It is going to be hard I know but I do not know how it is going to be.

Finding money income untill we can get any benefits coming through and proper accomodation is my biggest fears of course. Having only little money in the pocket makes me feel helpless and desperate. God only knows why things like this happens to a person but I finding this way to cruel whatever sins I have ever commited which I am not aware of. Never cheated,never been disloyal, I was trying to do everything in order to make my family happy.

In our entire life together we had about arguments over a ten years of period. I took everything like a man. Doing the shopping all the bloody things I ever could and still it was not good enough. I am a loving and good father that she always admited so for the love of God what else did I miss? I try to keep myself fit and maybe even desireable and yet she goes off with some Guy because she said: It just happened,people love out of each other…….. You are a fantastic Man……. So yes I am 44 years old man who is broken down by heart,life and every other thing you can name.

I have a 3 year old son I love more than my own life and have to start my life again build everything with having nothing……. All I know that I must do try, must look ahead and do what ever I can…. I do not want to see my son go hungry,being cold and unhappy. It will get easier.. Yes this is a common problem for all of us. But as you said you are so lucky coz you mentioned some good points. Though I got an issue to find new friends! Thankyou all for still taking the time to respond to my original post back in August … wow, almost 2 years ago!

But, as with everything in life, things do change. I am now busy holding down 2 fulfilling jobs which has enabled me to meet lots of interesting people, and I have also met a lovely, kind and caring man who has been in my life for 18 months now. To those of you reading my original post now and relating to what I said…. Nothing stays the same forever, good and bad. Remember that and stay positive… this will pass! This topic has 11 replies, 3 voices, and was last updated 3 months, 3 weeks ago by Steph Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 of 12 total. Steph82 Participant.

Hi, I have ed Gingerbread tonight in the hope I may find some like minded souls to help me escape this dark place I feel I keep slipping towards… I have been a single mum now for exactly 3 years this month, and I think only now is it dawning on me the enormity of what this involves. Hope46 Participant. Hi Steph, You are not alone…. Hope this helps x. Swardgraecy Participant. What can I say.

Lonely cold are you in the same boat

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