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This web is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. L Return to Index l Liter l. Links La. Los Angeles Calif. Longitude Long. Dakota and N. MDC Div. Maine M. Minute Min. Mineral Engineer; Mining Engineer Minn. Harden Associates, Inc. Montana M. Manitoba ; Mineral Resources Dept. New York N. State Univ. Pennsylvania Pers. Philadelphia Phillips Phillips, P. Dakota State Univ. Schulbucher-Verschleiss-Administration Wien sc. GIS Dept.

Scheitelstarke Schl. War Dept. TD Thematic data; Topographic Div. TDC Tennessee Dept. University UNR Univ. URS Unrestricted random sample U. Wonders Map Collection Univ. Widerlager W. Map Collection U. Compiled by Robert P. Tanzi, Zoltan Vekerdy, David R. Wworth, Bob Ware, M. Quill Williams and Alberta Wood.

Map and Geographic Information Center Univ. Management Assn. Map and Imagery Laboratory Univ. National Biological Survey U. National Space Council U. Overseas Surveys Directorate U. Area Geographic Information System. Selected availability; Selective availability; al accuracy; Situational awareness; Source acquisition.

Spalding DeDecker Associates, Inc. South West Africa. Orbis terrarum Medieval European map type: Nile and Don rivers and Mediterranean form a "T" surrounded by ocean in the shape of an "O". Washington D.

Lk urban dictionary

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