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Summer Vacation Pleasure. Think I need a bubble bath buddy m4w I walked into the bathroom and there I saw her. Her body immersed in the soapy water. Shadows danced along the wall amongst the warm glow of candlelight.. I gazed down longingly at her gorgeous full flowing hair and then slowly I got in the bathtub, taking care to sit behind her and afford myself the luxury of being able to hold her in my arms..

I then began kissing the nape of her neck ever so gently, letting my tongue dance downward along the natural curves of her to her shoulder.. My kissing elicited a soft moan from her full lips and her hands soon found mine and placed them on her breasts. I slowly traced my fingers along the contours of her aureoles, letting my finger tips work their way inward to her nipples which I lightly rolled between my thumb and index finger.

Her back arched and another moan escaped her lips.. I have to feel you. I have to show you how wet I can make you and how much you really do want and need me. Close your eyes and lay back for me. I ran my hands down her sides and caressed her stomach. I slid my hands down and brought them to rest on her inner thighs.. I heard her breathing becoming more labored and felt the heat from her face as she buried it into my shoulder, slowly she began to almost inaudibly whimper and moan.

I've wanted this for so long. Please don't stop me now. You have no idea how badly I've wanted to be inside you. I began running my hands along the length of her thighs and I felt the hardness growing between my own as well. She could sense the blood flow increasing to my semi hard and rigid cock. Her whole body shivered as the head of my red and swollen manhood came into the contact with the taunt flesh of her ass. I sensed her anticipation and finally brought my fingers to rest on the folds of her wet and glistening labia.

I used my fingers to pull the folds of her pussy apart. With one finger, I entered her and with the other I began to encircle her clit, which was now prominent and sensitive. I traced the lips of her pussy with my finger as I slowly fucked her with the other. She brought her hand to rest on my cheek and then turned her chin upward to my mouth. Our mouths connected and I opened my own to let her further explore it with her tongue.

My heart felt as if it could burst from my chest at any moment and my cock spasmed involuntarily, pre-cum already starting to leak from the tip of it.. I increased the tempo of my fingers and began to thrust harder and faster into her illustrious wetness. Her moans became louder and grew in their frequency. Her vision started to blur and her hands were buried in my hair as she continued to hungrily kiss and take my mouth into her own.. Water was literally splashing out of the tub as she thrust her hips repeatedly into my well skilled hands. You have two options, you can cum with my finger inside you or with my cock inside you.

Which do you want? She heard the urgency in my voice. She turned to face me. The entire front of her torso was covered in bubbles from our bath and I ran my hands along the front of her breasts, massaging her nipples into my palms. Make every inch of my pussy all yours. She moved her hands from my hair and quickly down to my cock. Her hands slowly began massaging my balls, and then moved up the length of my shaft. She placed my over sensitized head at the entrance of her pussy and proceeded to rub the length of it along herself while she shuddered and moaned softly and sporadiy.

I leaned forward in search of her mouth and she pulled back from me in mock determination and dominance. My mouth found it's way to her chest and began to lick the water from her skin. I started tracing the undersides of her breasts with my tongue and then made my way to her nipples, which were hard, making them all the more receptive to my tongue. I took her nipple into my mouth and bit down gently on it. She hissed and slowly brought herself down onto me, careful to let the full size of my shaft fill her.

My mind was swimming in a sea of pleasure and gratification. I could no longer form a single thought as I felt the full length of her pussy taking me deep inside her again and again. Every thrust more intense than the last Hot ladies want sex Bored Restless in Sin City?

Description: Where are the 's at?? Hello ladies, Just looking to meet new people and see what is out there. Love to be out and about on my days off. Whether it is a road trip to Sedona or a Vegas getaway. I love good conversations and great company. I am a great a listener and truly admire great friendships. I don't know what will come out of this but I am willing to try and see what this brings.

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Ladies wants sex. Bushy Poosey m4w Hello Ladies, this 'ol Gringo is looking for a really bushy pussy to bury my face in. I am a:.

Lady looking sex Brownville

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