Kim kardashian sex game

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Kim Kardashian has become the target of a foul new rap feud after The Game used their alleged sexual history in a new song. The rapper debuted the track during a listening party on Thursday night and the objective lyrics are rightly receiving backlash for their vulgarity and disrespect.

The disturbingly graphic lyrics reference a past relationship with Kim but he's not rapping about a late-night rendezvous that others might, preferring to take the shock factor route. Getty Images. The lyrics go beyond clickbait name-dropping to promote his album and venture into a much more misogynistic place, as he follows the line with an apology to her husband Kanye West for sharing but not the woman he's telling the world about.

It's fair to assume that Kanye will be far from enthused about the situation, however it's also insulting to Kim, who has had men expose her alleged intimacies many times over the years. The Game has used the Kardashians for headlines before, claiming to have slept with three of the sisters, which was later debunked. Kim did briefly date the rapper many years ago but there was never any beef between them, as he even rapped about he was happy for Kim and Kanye back in So what's changed? Is it a desperate bid for attention ahead of his album release? Or does he always speak so badly of women?

Kim kardashian sex game

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The Game Gets Explicit About Sex with Ex Kim Kardashian West on Song — and Apologizes to Kanye