Interracial dating tennessee

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My husband was recently offered a position at a company in northern Tennessee. We are living in California which is very friendly to divercity. I am nervous about moving to the south. My husband is Indian and my daughter looks very Indian as well, I am white. My husband is also Sikh and with the stuff that happened in Wisconsin I am concerned.

Does anyone live in Tennesse or know someone that does. The company is in Morrison. I really need honest ancwers. Will my family be safe and comfortable living in this area. I know nothing about Morrison, unfortunately. However, my husband and I met while in grad school at Vanderbilt in Nashville , and were very accepted in a diverse community. We were there together for about 3 years, and although we did not yet have kids and were very much in a Vandy bubble, we never once felt uncomfortable. I would p, however, that smaller communities in TN would have a different vibe- though this would be more based on stereotype than personal experience.

I am moving to Nashville next summer as well for my husbands work, I was very nervous at first but calming down now LOL, from what I read its a pretty good place to live, I am now looking forward to moving with my birrracial son. I'm mixed with black and white.

now to personalize. Inter-Racial Families BabyCenter may earn a commission from shopping links. Original poster's comments 2. This is a good picture of my daughter and husband Would they fit in? Best of luck!! Ditto pp.. I live in the Nashville area and it is very diverse and accepting. There are even tons of interracial couples in my small town right outside of Nashville. However, I've heard the more north or east you go in TN interracial families aren't as common. I live in Nashville. We moved here one year ago. I have not had one problem.

I'm not exactly sure where Morrison is but my best friend and her husband live in north eastern Tennessee. She is black and he is arab. They are muslim and haven't had any issues there although it's not as diverse as she would like. Is there an active sikh community in or near Morrison? If there is perhaps you or your dh could contact them to find out more about the area from them. Good luck! I am from Memphis but go to college in Murfreesboro. You will be ok! One thing I told myself when I came to Murfreesboro was "wow look at all the inter racial couples!

It's so many inter racial kids! I am glad because I am using a donor who is white and Korean and I am native American and black. Follow your baby's amazing development track my baby Download BabyCenter app. More posts in "Inter-Racial Families" group.

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Interracial dating tennessee

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