How to seduce hot women

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in. Do you remember that one super hot girl in your high school that every guy wanted? Her boyfriend was most likely the highest status guy in the entire school. Or she may have not even dated guys in her school but older men instead. If you want to seduce the most beautiful and sought-after girl, you need to do what the super hottie from high school did.

When you do this, your status w ill leap tenfold. Most guys will screw this up because they will want to sleep with as many girls as possible, but if you want the best girl, then you need to be very selective. You see, women have status too. And if she is the alpha female, she only wants to be with the Alpha Male. And if you start sleeping with women that are below her, she will perceive you as having lower status than her. So here is what you need to do to seduce the hottest woman around.

Social proof is the principle that people tend to follow the tribe. If the tribe approves of you, then he or she will approve of you also. So, if a girl notices other women like you, she will almost automatically want you too. This trigger is the fastest way to short-cut attraction and get women wanting you.

Demonstrate that you have lots of women to choose from and she will want you to choose her. Flirt with all women but only date and sleep with the BEST. As we already talked about, High Status Men have high standards with women. They qualify women. Be very selective about whom you sleep with, how you spend your time, and how you spend your money. When you apply the concepts of Social Proof and Exclusivity, you literally will have women magnetized to you and they will fight for you. This strategy applies whenever you enter any social environment or social circle e.

Yoga Class. Sometimes it is better to take your time and choose the right one. After you know which girl you want, then it is time to light some fires. The key is to not give all of your attention to her right away. This is the law of supply and demand of Attention. The more attention you give someone, the less they want it. On the contrary, the less attention you give someone, the more they want it. You job is to get them to want you and talk about you behind your back.

As days and weeks go by, they will start to wonder if you are going to choose any of them and it will literally drive them crazy. Be careful, you may break some hearts in the process. Girls love to gossip and talk about guys, so you better believe the girl you want knows that all these girls want you. She will naturally in the race to win you over and you will know because she will start making advances on you.

Yes, the most desired woman will start seducing you. At this point, play it cool and let her come to you stud. This way works best when all the girls know each other so they can talk about you, but with skill it can be applied to the bar scene too. If you already have a social circle filled with beautiful women then all you need to do is take them out with you. When girls surround you you immediately attract the attention of every girl in the room, including the one you really have your eye on. Then all you do is get her attention and al her to come to you. This works so well, it is almost cheating.

Remember, flirt and have fun with ALL girls, however, only sleep with the quality ones. If you want more ways to seduce any woman, then check out this advanced training. Get started. Open in app. Federico Fort. in Get started. Get started Open in app. More from Federico Fort Follow. More From Medium. Confession of a Stupid Boy. Razzaaq Ramly. Conversations With My Younger Self. Jk Mansi in Other Doors. Blooming like Flowers.

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How to seduce hot women

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