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Founded in , hi5 was one of the largest and most popular social networking apps in the early s. Since the beginning of its release, it has gained huge amounts of funding in capital. This enabled hi5 to switch to becoming a social gaming network which featured over games in different . Up until it was acquired by If we , which is a social and mobile technology company owned by The Meet Group, Inc. It may not be as popular as it was before as well as compared to other dating sites nowadays, but hi5 still has its fair share of active users. Here you can see how membership figures at hi5 are developing compared to others.

Majority of users of hi5 are in the age range of years old. All continents have a fair share of the percentage of the overall member base of hi5. In Australia, most active users are searching to make friend connections and are looking for a good time online and offline. Some users are direct—posting status updates asking for sex or an online live chat with emojis that suggest sexual innuendos. ing up in hi5 is fairly quick and easy. When you up with a valid . You are required to disclose some basic information such as your first and last name, birthday, ethnicity, gender, and zip code.

Of course, you would also be asked for a valid address and a nominated password. To make the registration process even quicker, you can use your Google or Facebook to register. After a successful -up, you are given the option to import contacts from your or Facebook friends to your hi5 friends list. You would also be asked to a profile photo. You can skip both those steps if you wish to.

Before you are able to fully access hi5, you will be redirected to an verification . You are required to verify your and the you used to up with by keying in the confirmation code found on the . In hi5, sending messages is free of charge—though most new members cannot send a message to some of the most popular users except if they are willing to pay for a premium membership. All user profiles show when the user was last active in the app. And when chatting is available, the status of that user switches to active.

So if you had messaged an online user, you would know if you have been directly ignored. Besides browsing profiles through the Pets game, hi5 also has a free member search tool with very basic filters of age, gender, and location. Another way of meeting members through the hi5 app is through its Meet Me feature—which is a roulette-type matching game that notifies users when both users liked one another. Clicking the edit profile tab will just allow you to edit your basic information. In hi5, you can set your profile from public to private. Making your profile public means that all members can view your profile information and photos.

Other users can also post on your comment wall. Aside from the feed of your most recent uplo, your photos, and the basic information found on your profile—gender, age, relationship status, religion, orientation, ethnicity, and languages spoken, your profile can also feature the gifts, tags, and comments that were given to you by other other hi5 members.

Most users like to put GIFs or photos so sometimes, profiles can become so long because of such public comments. The de of the mobile app is minimalistic and clean—the features are easily accessible. The tabs are also organised well, enabling for easy and productive throughout the app. At , it was the biggest thing together with MySpace and Friendster.

When you have all 3 s and all are glammed up and customised, that means you are one of the cool kids that have a computer and a lot of credits for a dial-up DSL connection at home. Out of curiosity, I decided to see if my hi5 13 years ago was still working. So I just went ahead and created a new . The de of the website was similar—I guess the developers no longer bothered to keep up with the new de trends—but the features were different.

Before, hi5 used to have so many games features it was hard to keep up! This must be due to the acquisition of the hi5 network by the company who developed Tagged. Navigating through the website was an excruciating experience. I got to message some users and was surprised that chatting was free for everyone. Although I saw that the users were online, I received no reply. I gave out a few likes but received none in return. Maybe again, this was because I had no profile photo. Oh well. There are a lot of other apps that would provide a better experience.

It seems like the developers and acquisitors did not bother to keep up with the changing times when it comes to web de. and usability of the website were not easy. The interface can be quite confusing as well, and there are not onscreen guidelines that can help you.

Too many steps and buttons are needed to be clicked to successfully find what you are looking for. Gold is the currency on hi5. You can use it to buy gifts or Pets. In hi5, Pets is what the profiles of members are called, and the value of each Pet differ based on popularity. You can purchase gold or earn it for free by completing tasks and offers that are made available by hi5. A premium membership does not let you buy Pets, instead, it unlocks several paid features found on the website, which honestly, you could do without.

There are two features that make the dating site. Pets is the main feature of hi5. It is a game that has the objective to increase your profile value. The higher your value is, the more popular you are. Meet Me is a roulette-type matching game wherein you are presented with different profile photos in which you click like or not. Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible.

The crap goes on there on hi5 the bullying someone is using my ID name I reported it twice and nothing has been done about it I been on hi5 chat site Better than hi5 EliteSingles. Last updated: August This is how active hi5 members are compared to others. You get a personal profile which you can fill out Over million users worldwide Has a diverse user base Highly popular in the US and countries of South America Users are usually Roulette-type matching available Messaging users is free Member search available Basic search filters There is a chatroom.

Free Services. Fee-Based Services. Is hi5 expensive or cheap? In comparison to other providers hi5 is average. Payment Options. Payment discretion. Overall, we can say that the hi5 has fizzled out compared to its glory days back in the early s. Although there are still a of active members in the social dating website, we can definitely say that there are a lot better dating apps available in the market. Whether you are looking for friends, a casual night out, or a possible lifelong romance, we believe there are better options for you.

Just check out our Dating Apps category to find out the best ones. About hi5 Who owns hi5? Are hi5 and Tagged the same? No, but they are owned by the same company. How are hi5 and MeetMe connected? Both hi5 and MeetMe are connected by having the same owners. Membership How do I -up with hi5? How do I delete my hi5 ? You can cancel your hi5 through your settings. Can I temporarily deactivate my hi5 ? If you want to temporarily deactivate your hi5 , you must delete your on your settings. I lost my password.

How do I recover my hi5 ? Usability How does hi5 work? Somebody bought me as a pet. What does that mean? When somebody buys you as a pet, that means that your profile is owned by the person who bought you. You too can buy pets that you can afford. Buying Pets allows you to increase your assets. How do I play Pets in hi5? Pets lets you own, buy, and sell other members like a fantasy team. The higher your value is, the more popular you become.

How do I increase my hi5 value in Pets? Do I need to buy pets in hi5? It is not required for you to buy pets in hi5, however, Pets is the flagship feature of hi5, which means that it is where you can get most interaction from. How do I block a user in hi5? Why do I need Gold in hi5? Gold is the currency in hi5. It lets you buy gifts and Pets. Can I earn Gold without buying? Yes you can. By completing tasks and offers provided by hi5 and its partner ad network, you can earn free Gold. Security Is hi5 a legitimate dating website?

High 5 dating australia

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