Great man and woman

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Rebecca Meluch , Focus Editor March 1, All of these women have accomplishments and journeys of their own, ones that should stand out and stand aside from the men in their lives and their own successes. Often these women have reached to greater levels of accomplishments than their male companions whose names and images are remembered and mentioned more emphatically than her own through history. Kennedy, she was an impressive self-made woman. On top of being a fashionable trendsetter, a fluent speaker of Spanish, French, and Italian, a successful and avid book editor, she even opened up a school inside the White House.

Right up on the mantle next to the other women who were placed behind their great men is Coretta Scott King. But Coretta on her own is a woman that deserves the utmost recognition for her committed activism and fight for the oppressed and underrepresented people in the world. Yes she was a mother, wife, a civil rights activist and organizer but she was also so much more than we commonly know about.

She was a singer, a violinist, an early protestor of the Vietnam War and Apartheid, as well as a world traveler and a proponent of gay rights. We look back and think of her and see her great husband come up in our minds, but Coretta Scott King should never be a woman who is affiliated standing behind her husband. Right next to Coretta Scott King and Jackie O are a bunch of other amazing women who are often underrepresented and stuck in the shadows behind the great men in their lives. Eleanor Roosevelt was the first presidential spouse to hold press conferences as well as speak at a national convention.

At one point during her activism, she was detained, tortured, and placed under house arrest and kept in solitary confinement. These women are all connected to accomplished, respected, and remembered men, but let us not forget all of their own astonishing successes. Although women in history are often forgotten about or overshadowed by the successes of their husbands, there have been waves of feminism that have allowed powerful women to shine and take their seat front in center alongside their husbands.

DePaul associate professor of history and art, Joanna Gardner-Huggett further explained how waves of feminism have allowed women, especially women artists and historians to obtain the acknowledgment of their successes. The continued intergenerational dialogue among feminists, and mentoring, is essential to the increased of successful female artists and leadership of women in museums and the art world more broadly.

I also think women today are inspired by the idea of creating a better future for themselves and the women to come after us. Where there is a man, there might be a woman. Let me plan your date 2. Candyman remake fails to meet original expectations. Lamb review: a sleepy Icelandic folktale turned nightmare. How DePaul students listen to their music. One that I think you missed was Abigale Adams.

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Great man and woman

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