Eharmony subscription cancellation

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Its excellent filtering mechanism enables members to zero-in quite accurately on their most preferred match. Also user can dial Eharmony Contact Phone for any assistance and help. But often eharmony members complain about random-asments, membership freeze, etc. IsOpenToday will answer all your questions regarding how eharmony cancelsubscription, delete your eharmony , cancel your free trial, and how to put a further stop to the eharmony subscription payment. If you like to cancel eharmony subscription early, you can do so at least 2 days before your next billing cycle begins to avoid getting charged for the next billing cycle.

You can cancel Eharmony which will end further subscriptions after answering a few questions and filling a quick feedback. However, if you want to go for an Eharmony cancel and refund, unfortunately, that is not an option possible and you are not eligible for a refund. What Are the Terms and Conditions for eharmony Refunds? Members get a day cooling-off time on any subscription purchased. During the eharmony cancellation period, you can get a refund or exchange by contacting the eharmony Customer Service Team.

Refund is available on 1st time purchase of any subscription and a pro-rated refund is calculated. However, no refund is available on successive renewals, boosts, or incognito purchases. After the days free trial, you have the option of only cancelling the automatic renewal of your and enjoy the current subscription until the current billing cycle.

To turn off automatic renewal feature on your . If you have purchased your subscription through Apple, then apple directly manages your subscription and it can be canceled through iTunes. For any issues, you can contact the Apple support directly related to renewal. After your current subscription ends, you can close eharmony and have your data deleted.

You can do this after closing your or in case you want to temporarily take a break from the service. Corporate Office Address : eHarmony, Inc. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have mistakenly purchased eharmony premium plan and I have requested refund right after purchase and the customer care is not refunding my money back.

I have purchased premium and I have requested refund straight away after I mistakenly purchased and I requesting refund and the customer care is not refunding back. I have tried to cancel my Eharmony . I want this cancelled.

Also the price increased double without notifications. None of your phone s are working. And the phone from the credit card charge does Not work Elaina Ashe-Harning. I am cancelling my , subscription and billing Only tried it for a month, not happy about being on the dating site.

And requesting my refund to be refunded back into my that came out on immediately. Just quit charging me! I want a refund of my money and cancel my subscription. I got chatting with someone and eharmony cut me off for no reason and when I got back online the person had deleted me thinking am not serious. EHarmony needs to be sued! I used service for 2weeks and cancelled. Now they have turned me into to collection after 6 months to extort a 1 year membership fee. This dating site is old and changed their personality match test. Eharmony told me to lower my expectations.

I guess I should not expect to meet someone in the same state, or someone I have anything in common with. Good afternoon my NAME is Paulette Lewin and am writing to you for cancellation from subscription to the eHarmony please stop taking payment from my which is ending in Canceled my membership and you charged my bank again. Your phone is bogus and no one responded to my request. No worries just going online to let everyone know what a bunch of scam artists you are.

I want to cancel and get my refunds most expeditiously. I did a monthly payment. They charged me anyway. I was unable to speak to anyone at Eharmony and this has been going on for more than 1 year. An was opened in my name and I am unable to get ANY assistance. The rep hung up after he told me to file a police report for fraudulent use of my information and created .

I cannot put on the photo of myself on your website. Can you please cancel my subscription and refund my money. Thank you. I just received a notice from PayPal saying you are charging my . You have no reason to. Do not take money out my . I have tried for two hours tonight to long into my new . I have tried to call for help and get no English speeking person. I ed up for month only…Was charged full year …This was bait and switch.. Non of the s work on this site. I ed up for a subscription for long term 3 to 6 month subscription.

I canceled under the 2 week cancel period. I ed up on September 17, I was told in my that I still would be charged payments and would not be able to get a refund. I asked to cancellation of my membership because evidently I purchased a premium membership by mistake. My bank tells me one such payment has already been paid.

I only been on your site maybe 3 times just looking. My bank told me to call eharmony because CS at eharmony will not cooperate wth me. Please help. Fraudulent misrepresentation I ed up to what I understood from the blurb was a lite version of the Premium Membership and cancelled within minutes only to receive an saying they had charged me further for cancelling. This was well within as it says in the blurb the 14 day cooling of period.. Nowhere was it made clear at all that this would happen. I have been trying to cancel my eHarmony for over three weeks. It tells me to go next to my profile and click on the arrow!

Please someone pay attention and help!!! I did not see how many days I had to cancel my subscription to eHarmony but requested information about it on their customer service form within 24 hours of ing up. I never received a response and ended up calling to cancel on day 5. Their matches were horrible and I am not happy with the service at all. I also cannot use the app well on my phone. Their lack of response screwed up my ability to cancel. Seems like that was done on purpose in order to lock me in and refuse a refund.

I want a full refund. If I am a member they should be able to respond. You services are dreadful. Just money grabbing corporate money hungry bastards!!!!! I ed up as a widow for a chance to find love. I picked their fav. I cannot afford this and want to cancel. Please help me. Thanks for your help. This is the worse dating site ever. No customer service to assist. I ed up and within hours noticed this was not what I wanted.

I have called and since numerous s. This site is bogus and treats customers horribly. I want to cancel my membership as I cannot navigate round the site. I have paid 2 monthly subscriptions and have had only one message from someone totally unsuitable for me. Too old, too far away and different interests. I have already canceled 2 years ago and you are still charging me. Please return my I was charged I have contacted you within 12 hours of a friend taking out a subscription for me I did not want, to cancel. And contacted you 4 times since all within your policy ofstopping a subscription within 3 days.

I have never heard back. And now you have taken out another months money which I will now need to contact my bank about. I cancelled within 12 hours and yet you have not acknowledged and continue to charge and not follow your own procedures. Please explain why and stop payments which are now in the hands of my bank as well. I am just interested as why no-one from customer service has replied to any of my multiple polite s cancelling within your policy.

Are you a complete rip off fraudulant company? There seems to be no other explanation. My bank is cancelling any other attempts by you to extort money as you wete given the required time to xancel as per your polict, therefore taking further money from my bank is totally illegal on your part eharmony. Shame on you. You people purposely make it impossible to cancel.

Misdirection and untruthful direction on how to cancel. I will be writing on social media if you do not change these practices. Cancel my 1 day old immediately and refund any monies taken. I have written to 4 men. Not one has responded. The several and I mean only who wrote me were awful. One had a beard and no shirt on the others were beyond ugly and stupid. Purchased a 1 time payment option for a single month and was charged for a year.

I cancelled my subscription less than an hour after making my profile. I would like my money refunded immediately but Eharmony doesnt seem to have a customer service . I had contact from one Person that lied about age and occupation. Not very professional. No in person contact due to finding he was lieing.

Eharmony subscription cancellation

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How To Cancel eHarmony Subscription?