Dating on purpose buffalo

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Release Date: March 30, In particular, research suggested an incompatibility between romantic goal pursuits and intelligence goal pursuits for women, but not men. The current paper suggests that the incompatibility may be most pronounced for women who prefer partners of greater intelligence. The women in this research also performed worse on a math test and tended to show less identification with math, an academic discipline at the base of science and technology careers. The diluted interest and identification is specific to the perceived masculine fields of math and science and is not a general effect.

Participants did not show less interest in careers often considered feminine, such as those in social work or elementary education, says Park. It could be an automatic reaction. Though women represent 48 percent of the overall U. The published paper includes four studies, among them a preliminary study involving more than participants that established a link between a preference for dating smarter partners and traditional gender roles.

Women show greater preference for dating smarter partners compared to men and the more they endorsed this preference the more traditional they were in their gender roles. The three additional studies examined math performance, math identification and interest in STEM when thinking about romantic goals. Each activated a romantic goal and across the studies a pattern emerged that showed worse math performance, less identification with math and less interest in STEM careers for those women with traditional romantic partner preferences.

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Dating on purpose buffalo

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Preference for dating smarter partners negatively affects women’s attitudes toward STEM