Dating an international student in college

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Adjusting to college outside of your home country is difficult. Whitman College provides a variety of resources to help our new international students understand the logistics of studying in the U. Whitman hosts a special orientation program for our international students, providing new F-1 and J-1 students an opportunity to learn more about Whitman, Walla Walla and the United States, and focuses on topics that are relevant to international students.

For the academic school year, I nternational Student Orientation will take place on Aug. Explore the sections below for more information on our orientation program and how International Student and Scholar Services can help you feel at home in Walla Walla.

You will need this document to secure a F-1 student visa. The process is relatively simple. We will ask you to the following scanned documents to your student portal :. Therefore, you will receive with information on how to access your I securely. Review the form carefully for mistakes such as:. The interview will typically be conducted in English however this is not always the case. A consular official often interviews over a hundred of applicants in one day.

The official must make a quick decision about your application and your interview may be no more than two to five minutes. If your documents are in order, your chance of obtaining the visa is very high. The U. It is important for you to prove to the U. These connections will help assure the official that you plan to return home after completing your studies. Below are some examples:. Make sure that all your documents are together and in order. Organize appropriate documents together.

For example:. You can enter the U. Verify validity dates of your visa as well. You will enter the U. You meet DOS officers during your visa interview. It is unlikely you will meet DHS agents in person. ICE is a federal agency within the U. We hope you do not meet them at all! You will meet their agents when entering the U.

SEVP staff may visit our college for audit purposes or in rare cases contact you directly. The Form I is required to apply for an F-1 visa. PoE is an airport, land crossing or port through which one enters the United States. For travelers making multiple connections within the US, the POE is where one goes through customs when first entering the United States. Form I is a record of a nonimmigrant's arrival in and departure from the United States.

International Student Orientation will take place on Aug. We ask international students to arrive on Saturday, Aug. An orientation schedule will be posted in early August. International Student Orientation provides new F-1 and J-1 students an opportunity to learn more about Whitman, Walla Walla and the United States, and focuses on topics that are relevant to international students. Whitman's Residence Life Office provides much information about what to pack. The Walla Walla Valley enjoys beautiful landscapes and all four seasons, including cold weather during fall and winter. We encourage you to prepare appropriately for hot and cold weather when considering what you will bring with you to Whitman.

However, we have plentiful shopping opportunities in Walla Walla and many international students find these stores surprising affordable. International Student Orientation will take place on August 23 and 24 in A schedule will be posted in early August. We ask international students to arrive in Walla Walla on August 21 Saturday. Important : The Pasco airport is an hour drive away. The Seattle airport is over 4 hours drive away. Whitman College will not provide shuttle services to these places.

It is best to simply fly into Walla Walla directly. Orientation staff will meet you at the Walla Walla Airport airport and drive you to campus. We will do our best to help accompanying parents and other family arrange transportation from the airport to campus, but we encourage family members to arrange transportation for themselves in advance.

These resources are here for you to use. Some international students are missing out by not taking full advantage of these opportunities. At the Academic Resource Center , we value the lifelong process of education and the drive to learn.

Our mission is to support this process for all Whitman students by providing them with the tools to take charge of their individual academic experiences. We connect with students to help them determine and access the resources and support that will enhance their ability to succeed. ARC provides one-on-one meetings with a tutor for a variety of subjects by request.

We also host drop in hours for select subjects. The tutors' goals are to help students to improve understanding of course material and to prepare for exams. ARC also offers academic coaching to help students build skills in areas such as time management and test taking.

Feel free to stop by the Academic Resource Center in Olin or visit our website for more information including the drop in schedule and the tutor request form. COWS is a resource for all members of the Whitman community. We support a culture of peer feedback on writing and speaking at all levels and in all genres. We offer one-on-one meetings with trained peers, workshops, and open writing hours for both students and faculty.

The Language Learning Center has teamed with the Written and Oral Communication Initiative to create a group of Writing Fellows who will work individually on writing and reading skills with students for whom English is a second or third! If you are finding it challenging to adjust in any of your classes and you feel that the challenge is related to speaking English as a second language, contact Devon Wootten woottedc whitman. It is nearly certain that your F1 visa application will be approved. There is nothing for you to try to hide during your visa interview.

Whitman College is well recognized and its reputation is excellent. Therefore, you do not need to stress about your interview much. It is not an exam to which you need to prepare. Sometimes students attempt to memorize dozens of answers to potential questions. This strategy is risky because:. Approach your visa interview like a dialog with your new teacher or a neighbor. Be respectful and polite but smile as well. Be confident. Dress well but not overly formal.

Your responses should be to the point - brief and concise. Remember, these people interview over visa applicants per day. They are tired, bored and under much stress. Learn something fun about Walla Walla as you may find a situation where you can bring this up during an interview and show your confidence and awareness.

A: Walla Walla Washington. They tell me it is famous for its onions. You need to have strong reasons to go, and equally strong or even stronger! Remember: the consular official is required to assume that each visa applicant is secretly planning to remain in the U. If the official thinks you may stay in the U. If you are asked and can show convincing reasons for your return home after studying, your application is more likely to be successful. F-1 and J-1 visas are for people who will enter the U. Answer only the questions asked, briefly and to the point. Always be truthful in your statements to U.

If they find that you have misrepresented yourself or your documents, you may be barred from entering the U. If you are denied a visa, please contact Associate Director of the Intercultural Center Greg Lecki, , leckige whitman. Section Section . I Process. We will ask you to the following scanned documents to your student portal : Passport U. You will attach supporting documents to this form, such as bank statements. All these documents must be recent, no more than 3 months old.

You can use the same documents for your visa interview but they may need to be updated with more recent versions. Review the form carefully for mistakes such as: The spelling of your name Place of birth Date of birth Program and session dates Carefully read 3 of the form for important guidelines and regulations.

Consular officials will want to see evidence that you: Have paid the U. Have the financial resources to pay for your education in the U. Have strong economic, family or social ties to your home country. Will return home after you finish your studies. Payment instructions can be found on www.

Detailed alternative payment instructions can be found on the U. However, online card payment, if available, is the fastest and easiest method. Required supporting documents Passport, valid for at least six months beyond your planned arrival date to the U. Be sure your I is ed by the school official, by you at the bottom , by your guardian if required and that all other information on your I is spelled correctly. Documents which prove that a sponsor can afford the promises made Form I Affidavit of Support completed by your sponsor, indicating that they have the funds to support their promised contribution.

Download the form. Proof of connections to your home country and plans to return It is important for you to prove to the U. Below are some examples: Evidence that you plan to return to work in a family business upon completion of your U. For example: All Whitman College-issued documents All documents that prove you are a legitimate and excellent student All financial documents All documents demonstrating your ties to your home country. To pass inspection by a Customs and Border Patrol CBP officer, you need the following: Passport valid for at least six months past the date of your entry into the U.

Valid F-1 or J-1 visa, unless exempt from visa requirement ex: Canadian citizens do not require an F-1 visa to enter the U. It is wise to pack lightly. We can assist you with shopping locally. Academic Resource Center At the Academic Resource Center , we value the lifelong process of education and the drive to learn. If you are a first-year student, the SAs are here for you as you transition to a new academic environment. They offer support from orientation and throughout a student's first semester at Whitman.

The SAs are trained to offer guidance regarding campus resources, to facilitate study halls, and programs on topics that can improve study skills and confidence. Don't wait until the last minute! Apply for visa as early as possible - F-1 visas may be issued up to days before the program start date on the Form I There is no limit on how early a J-1 visa may be issued.

Allow several weeks for getting an appointment and a visa. Visit this website with general information on the visa process. Go to the website of your nearest U. Alternatively, you can start the process from com website that has been authorized by the U. You must complete several forms before your interview, and the embassy may want to verify the information you give them.

Students who apply to several schools may get a Form I from each school.

Dating an international student in college

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