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Collectively, they envision and work toward a wide and bold church community — a community that cares for creation and for those who are suffering, that centers those who the church has historically marginalized, and that holds both political and faith leaders able. Below, pray alongside these leaders and learn why their work is so important this election year.

Candice Marie Benbow is a writer and public theologian whose work focuses on women's healing and wholeness. She can also be found at candicebenbow. Twitter and Instagram: candicebenbow. But black millennial women are able to speak to the particularities of our lived experiences.

Also, it's important that young black women are not just seen as authoritative voices on race and gender, but as spiritual thought and faith leaders. God called us, too. As women continue to speak into this moment, we remind people that the issues concerning girls and women are global issues that require the attention and commitment of everyone.

God, be with us as we carefully select the best equipped to lead. Help us remember that, even in our political engagement, we are called to honor you and your desire that we treat each other with care and respect. May we never forget that truth and ability are holy. We pray this in your name and in the name of all that is divine. She is the recipient of the Rubem Alves Award in Theopoetics. Twitter: CisnerosCafe. The work of the spirit is always vital for women to thrive.

Writing, for me, is the work of the spirit; it is ancestral work, which is intergenerational healing work. Peac-ing together our des-madre is critical, and I believe that writing is wound care. What new life are we creating from between hope and trauma? What are we building in that space? Our voices are important because we are the healers.

Con el favor de Dios, our hands and our voices are what will heal this world in the face of injustice. We are the caretakers of our planet. Blessed Mother, Holy Spirit, God, please give us the strength to endure. Give us ancestral wisdom as we cultivate peace on earth. Lead us where we have not yet embarked to reimagine what glory awaits us all. Bless the life of the earth as we step forward in light, love, resistance, and thanksgiving.

She founded Wednesdays For Water to draw attention to the water issues across the U. She has created her own water filters that she is donating to those in need of clean water all around the country. The work that I do is important now because so many do not realize that Flint is still in crisis mode, and that there are millions of Americans unknowingly living with toxic water.

Water is a human right. Please let all of the candidates remain honest about their intentions — that they actually do all the things they promise to do, and that nobody cheats. I pray that we end up with leaders who support and uplift us. Shannon Dingle is a disabled woman, humanization advocate, sex abuse and trafficking survivor, recent widow at age 37, single mom of six kids, and writer with her first book Living Brave coming out with HarperOne in Leaders talk about ministering to disabled people but not ministering with us.

Oh, God, hope seems so far away. Waking up to news of another case of abuse, another abuse of power, another power-obsessed person harming those without the same privileges feels like evil wins each day before it even starts. Karen Gonzalez, a native of Guatemala, is a speaker, writer, and immigrant advocate, who lives in Baltimore, Md. Why is the work you do so important right now? The work of immigration advocacy is always important. This is a work of affirming the image of God in immigrants and their belonging in this country.

At a time when the current president and his government are targeting immigrants, we stand with our neighbors and speak up with them. All ballot initiatives affect us or our families, so we should have a voice in decision-making at every level of government. In particular, those of us who suffer a layered oppression due not just to our sex but race, ethnicity, disability, and many other intersecting identities need a voice to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Gracious God, help all of us to care enough for our neighbors to vote for leaders who will strengthen our communities, pursue justice, and represent the values taught to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. Show us how to rise above hateful rhetoric and commit to doing good for and with each other. She lives in Saint Paul, Minn. The church in America continues to perpetrate spiritual and physical violence against queer and trans people. Standing at the intersection of queerness and Christian faith — and speaking with clarity and conviction for full affirmation and celebration — is key to reducing the continued religious trauma that institutional Christianity seeks to wield.

Because women are still systematically treated as unimportant. Women make up We remain the primary caregivers for children and the elderly, the majority of the Christian faithful, and the overwhelming majority of those who suffer from domestic abuse, sexual assault, and intimate partner murder.

Make us your people again, O God. Break our stone-cold hearts, so that we may witness to the stories of those whom we have broken by our apathy, our ignorance, and our vitriol. Transform the lives of those who claim your Son as Lord, that we might truly recognize him as he promised to be shown: in the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, and the imprisoned.

Most of the energy we use to stay cool, travel to church, and charge our phones comes from fossil fuels. Fortunately, cleaner energy sources like wind and solar already exist. Globally, 80 percent of those displaced by climate change are women. We have a particular responsibility to call upon and vote for officials who will take bold measures to advance climate justice and reduce our domestic emissions. Creator of Life, you called us to be caretakers of creation. We are grateful that cleaner energy exists that can reduce harm. Shake us out of apathy. Grant us, our faith communities, and our elected officials, vision and boldness to change our behaviors and adopt policies that will advance climate justice and just energy for all.

In the name of our healer Jesus Christ. Greisa is a fearless defender of her undocumented community and advocate for the rights of women. Originally from Hidalgo, Mexico, Greisa migrated to the U. Greisa is the living embodiment of the United We Dream spirit — transforming personal adversity into personal power and hope that has inspired thousands into action. I do this work because I want to see a world where people are free to stay and free to move without judgment, or violence, or fear.

It is important for women to see themselves represented in leadership, especially this election. As a queer undocumented woman of color in leadership, my commitment is to build up and create space for other women of color, immigrants, and queer people.

Let us extend our prayers to the immigrants showing their faces in the face of injustice. Even when everything is telling them to run and hide, our people are showing up. Pray that we may find moral clarity within us. Pray to take their example and ask, what are we, each of us, doing to be part of giving birth to something new? In Congress, in our states, in our localities to stop ICE and CBP, to defeat hate, and to make all of us safer, more protected, and freer to thrive.

Dee Parsons grew up in Salem, Mass. She practiced public health and home nursing, including two years on the Navajo Reservation. After witnessing a church mishandle a serious sex abuse situation, she started The Wartburg Watch blog to see if others had similar experiences.

She was shocked at the of responses that she received almost immediately. Twitter: wartwatch. A decade ago, there were few places that people could go to tell their stories of abuse and find not only support and understanding but someone who would believe their story.

I am one of those storytellers. Churches needed to be educated that abusers were alive and well in the Protestant church. The church is slowly waking up, and I look at myself as an alarm clock. This effectively silences the input of 55 percent of church attendees.

In this election year, candidates must address issues such as the need to have broader statutes of limitations for reporting sexual abuse. Local governments need to address issues such as the large of rape kits, which have gone untested. Women are bringing these issues to light. Dear God of Peace, you call us to be peacemakers, yet we live in a nation that seems hopelessly divided. Instead of seeing one another as brothers and sisters, we categorize each other as opponents or allies. Help us to find a way to move beyond our fears and divisions and learn to hear one another. May we seek to elect those who will understand and care for the disenfranchised amongst us: the abused, the trafficked, the addicted, the impoverished, the immigrant, the disabled, and those who have lost all hope.

Cultural work is critical to building any kind of sustaining justice. It engages symbols, public narrative, and theology. While it can take years of organizing and action to generate public will toward a policy outcome or systemic change, cultural work involves a hoped for transformation that involves generations beyond my own lifetime. Art, religion, and cultural work at their best help us to all cultivate our own humanity and demonstrate living relationships with one another and with creation and with generations.

Life-Breathing Spirit, fill us with courage and strength to confront and shut down the violence in our midst, the wisdom and rest to build community, the resilience to sustain our path, and the inspiration and resources to create beauty on the way to a just world. Paola Fuentes Gleghorn is the immigration and women and girls campaign coordinator at Sojourners.

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Beautiful christian women

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