Amos lee arms of a woman

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Love this beautiful song! I'm at EZ for the woman that takes me home every day and bless to say I have a lovely wife that I cherish each and every day, love u always and God bless you all. There is an ease that can be found in the arms of this woman if only you HMH had taken the time to appreciate and not squandered She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.

Boop, Thank You for loving me, Will. I am so missing my husband's arms ,. Welcome to the good life my friend. Your awesome uniqueness sets you apart , which means no competition, no match to steal your thunder. Kankakee, Illinois. When she wakes me she takes me back home Kerri Eckes, my wife, this is dedicated to you. You had mercy on a sinful pathetic child back in college but you allowed me into your heart just the same.

We have been married since , thank you for all these years. Lets hang in there for the long haul because I have given you my heart and I love you so very much. That's a Gibson J Better known as the "Work Horse" he's playing. I have this guitar, it's amazing. He sounds great. My favorite male singer-songwriter. I wish I could see all 3 in a park somewhere. I don't like closed in places. We can dream I guess. Motivation with no destination is better than no motivation at all! Thank you. I swear this song could debut at 1 on the country charts SOOO I must have been living under a rock.

Wonderful Amos! Hope you are here a little longer in Toronto, and reach out again! How beautiful. Amos Lee ,I love your music as it touched my heart and soul and made me cry as it brought back my memories of my Beloved. God bless you always. I would love beyond words to hear a song by Amos, Ray LaMontagne, Gregory Alan Isaacov, and the Avett Brothers, they could each do a verse and harmonize the final chorus!!! One can dream right?????

Amos has such a beautiful soulful voice. Could listen to forever such a talented young man. Wow such an incredible heart touching song voice. Love his voice. Sends shivers through me. I heard "The Wind" today at my Dermatologist, first thing and time I heard of him, and me and my Dermatologist just sat in silence for like 3 minutes Everything was cool for a few moments in time and we just drifted So I am on Youtube listening to other stuff I hope I see her again before it's too late!!

Good damn music man!! Amos is one of my fav singers now. With all the bad stuff happening now I prefer laid back, easy going music. I bought his first CD off of Amazon and when I told him that, he looked surprised, which was so adorable. I told him my favorite song from the CD was "Whirl-i-gig", a song of young love.

The one thing that always struck me about him is that for as quiet as he looks, that is how quiet he really is. The trait of a true musical genius. A tribute to Don Mclean who was known to sing more than a few people's lives with his songs. Just as Amos Lee does to me with just about every song of his I've ever listened to. This is truly a, Cotton Candy Girl , song.

I personally am starving to have those arms engulf me into a state of tranquility. Mahal Kitna. The Dark is not where I want to play. True love is losing yourself without losing who you are. My Sweetest Debra, those Arms of your will completely place me at Ease. Take me back home. Amos is just a natural singer!

I just love everything he has sang. Now days it's like.. I am at ease in the arms of a non binary cis gender transgender person. I am at ease in the arms of a woman. Although now, most of my days i spend alone.

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Amos lee arms of a woman

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Arms Of A Woman