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Certainly most of us know the app Tinder, which helps people to find a date, it does not matter if a romantic date or just a friendly encounter. These direct line of chat is created after an algorithm matches people according to their profiles, their likes and their desires. As a business model, 3nder has not been monetized yet —we can see it has no , no sponsors nor contracts with big brands-. It is probably because the founders are waiting for a proper client list, proper references and of course, to reach more dating made.

It is all about privacy Being such a polemic topic, this is one of the forbidden fantasies and people tend to have too much care while planning and even talking about it. It uses a similar system to Tinder, where your Facebook profile works as an ID, it shows that you are a real person. You can pick a nickname, a profile picture and fill your information with anything you want, your identity is protected. One of the key factors of this, to protect people from having a threesome with a person who showed him, or herself as something different, is that in direct conversations you can send quick photos that will disappear in minutes, like Snapchat.

In the social side, they want to change the way people see these dates, as well as tinder made it with blind dates. Will they make it happen? up or Log in. Your opinion matters! Register in seconds for free and express yourself. Toggle APP 64bits. Contact up Log in. Tags: Official Site - 3nder. Jefferson Da "Trying to change the world! Fast registration. up. No thre. up Log in.

3nder google play

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3nder dating app matches couples with third partner